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We've revolutionized the farm-to-table concept!
Why Do We Do It?: We truly believe that all people should have access to clean, healthy, local food. If you are the type of person who really cares about the food you eat and where it comes from, then you are going to love Silverthorn Farm.
How Do We Do It?:
  • We have a completely unique on-line ordering system (you pick what you want, when you want it).
  • We offer a variety of “no-hassle” pick-up locations. No scheduling your life around wanting fresh, high-quality food. 
  • We have more acres than a typical farm, meaning we can offer more varieties of your favorite vegetables and some fruits. 
  • We make it easy to work with us and we offer four levels of membership
    • You have 24 months to use your membership!
    • If you run out of money, no worries, you can always add more money later. 
    • Not ready to become a member? No problem. We’ll be here when you are.
What Do We Do?: We’re a farm using 100% Organic methods to produce hundreds of fruits and vegetables for sale to our members, at farmer’s markets and to wholesale partners.
 Silverthorn Farm, owned and operated by Nate & Emily Parks, is a small, diversified vegetable and small animal farm located on 120 acres of land in northern Clinton county, near Rossville. In 2006 we started our farm in Montgomery County beginning with only pumpkins and melons the first two years on about 5 acres of land. Now, we grow more than 200 varieties of 40 different types of vegetables on 25 acres of family owned land AND use 100% organic methods.

Membership signups NOW OPEN!

August 31st, 2014

CSA NEWS:   Thanks for all of the encouragement in regards to the transition of our CSA program.  We've received a lot of great feedback and kinds words from many of you.  The website

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August 24th, 2014

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As we promised, exciting changes are here!

August 24th, 2014

Online store is open until Tuesday at 9am for midweek deliveries and Thursday at 9pm for weekend deliveries! Click here to place your order!  Please remember to leave your produce boxe