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Reflections at Silverthorn Farm

Posted 12/30/2016 11:14am by Nate & Emily Parks.

Taking a look back at 2016:

I can't help but feel incredibly anxious as we approach the last two CSA deliveries in January.  2016 will be etched in my memory as one of the toughest years - mentally, physically and financially - of my farming career. With wild weather, down markets and challenging work force/labor issues, I am truly happy that we have made it through.

Moving forward to 2017:

For 2017, most of you already know that we will not be returning to farmer's markets but instead, focusing on our CSA and restaurant accounts. The main reasons are to free up our weekends for some family time, but most importantly to really dial in our production cut costs as much as possible and try to make a recovery from this past season.

It will be a very tight spring, financially, with the onslaught of expenses right around the corner and cash reserves at an all time low.  The connections we have in the many farming circles around the country show and tell us that 2016 has been a scary year for many farms/farmers across the midwest. We have seen some very prominent farms close their doors this fall/winter.

Perspective is always a good thing. I do think that it serves as a very good reminder of just how easily things can turn in a bad way and how margins on our farm and farms of the like are very slim. So many of us want sustainability in all parts of our life and farm that goes way beyond Organic. All of this hard to explain, justify, and price to the end user who sees organic food on the shelf in Aldi's. 

The reality is that when you choose to support a farm like ours or others in your community, you are doing much more than eating the freshest, most nutritious food you can give your family. You are changing the face of the Earth. With every passing year, we add more riparian areas, build soil, create beneficial insect habitats, educate a new generation of farmers, and influence our communities in what is possible with our food system!






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  • YAY!  Saturday ON-FARM pickup will be our MARKET-STYLE PICKUP in the main greenhouse.  We will not be custom packing orders for this day.  Please bring your bag and select your items just as you would at the farmer's market!  Pickup hours are 9am-1pm.
  • Wildwood Market, Indy is not an option for pickup this week due to the holidays.  



Thank you for supporting our small farm! 2017 will be an amazing year we are happy to bring you along for the ride.

We wish you a safe and Happy New Year! 

Nate, Emily, Jensen, Macy, & Cameron


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